Feminism 3.0 Interviews

As you can tell I have been messing about with the various websites of late and stuff is getting moved around and may be MIA for the time being. My apologies on that. I did just (re)post my interview with Suzanne Leonard on “Celebrity Culture” on my new website here as well as started a Vimeo channel and you can check out here. I have also reposted Joan Myers’s discussion on Virginia Rappe on my website as well as Vimeo. Originally in Garageband, these are looking a bit “old school” but hoping to upgrade the quality now that I am moving from more audio file focus to video. I am also going to rework my own website as it looks rather spare at present, but since these interviews are very popular I just wanted to get them back out in circulation. Hope you enjoy!

Remix for Oscar Season!

Melissa Silverstein and Elisa Kreisinger’s remix for the Oscar season. I guess the more things change…..

The more things change…..

It is interesting that the women’s movement was having a problem with a political party, the more things change the more they remain the same, sometimes we just don’t progress…as much as we think…interesting…

Interview with Sasha Costanza-Chock

Here’s my latest NAMAC blog post. Topics are media literacy, media activism, new media curation.

Remix and Media Literacy: An Interview with video artist Elisa Kreisinger

I just started writing for a new series with NAMAC (National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture). I kicked off my contributions for the series with an interesting and fun interview with Elisa Kreisinger. Hope you enjoy!

About the NAMAC Bloggers

Just signed on as a NAMAC blogger — will be focused on media literacy, media activism, and emergent media forms/formats (especially transmedia). I should be getting my first post out there soon, and I am going to start out with an interview of remix artist, Elisa Kreisinger of Pop Culture Pirate, which should be a blast.
For more info on the NAMAC bloggers, check out these bios here:

About the NAMAC Bloggers

Brainquake Returns!

In April 2010 Golbarg Bashi and Negar Mottahedeh started a movement they called Brainquake in celebration of women’s lives and achievements. They have now started a YouTube channel where they plan a series of interviews to build on these earlier efforts. Here’s the introductory video — this looks promising and I look forward to viewing!

Social Media Week — IML E- Corpse, an experiment in collaborative storytelling

As part of Social Media Week, my students from USC’s Institute for Multimedia Literacy participated in a collaborative storytelling event, an online exquisite corpse.

We crowd-sourced our basic structure and ground rules amongst the students taking part and got rolling. Students have produced some pretty cool installments so far and the project will be ongoing until Thursday of this week. We had a few technical glitches getting going and I guess wordpress was misbehaving at one point, but the story has unfolded pretty well. You can see the story up to now, right here.

Women’s Land Army – the “Farmerettes”

I have posted a very little piece on Elaine Weiss book on the FARMERETTES at Looking for Mabel, the was a fascinating group of women that populated the American farmlands during World War I. http://looking-for-mabel.webs.com/farmerettes.htm

Bridging the Creative/Critical Divides

Great Discussion over at Arts Journal all this week on issues concerning artists, arts and technology, and creative rights. There are 22 guest bloggers from artists/media makers, policy folks, and academics like myself. I was fortunate to be one of those invited to blog. Check out the blog all this week and participate/comment! The above link takes you to ArtsJournal’s main page – to go directly to the group blog, see first entry below or go here.

Bridging the Creative/Critical Divides