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Dispatch from the ‘Very House of Difference’: Anti-Black Racism and the Expansion of Sexual Citizenship – OR – We Need to Do So Much Better at Loving Each Other

Here’s an insightful post, reblogged from The Feminist Wire, from two USC scholars, Kai M. Green and Treva Ellison, on complexities of difference in light of the recent Supreme Court rulings on DOMA, PROP 8, and Voting Rights Act. Dispatch from the ‘Very House of Difference’: Anti-Black Racism and the Expansion of Sexual Citizenship – […]

Call for Papers: Digital Archives and Open Archive Practices (Convergence, special themed issue)

Convergence: Special themed issue Vol 21, no 1 (February 2015) Digital Archives & Open Archival Practices Guest Editors: Sarah Atkinson and Sarah Whatley ______________________________________________________________________________________ This special issue aims to bring together researchers, artists, professionals and practitioners from the field of digital archives and the archiving of practice with an emphasis upon Art, Design, Media, Film […]

Call for Conference Proposals: Hip Hop and Punk Feminisms: Theory, Genealogy, Performance

Call for Conference Proposals HIP HOP AND PUNK FEMINISMS T H E O R Y, G E N E A L O G Y, P E R F O R M A N C E U N I V E R S I T Y O F I L L I N O I S, […]

Call for Papers: Doing Women’s Film and Television History

CALL FOR PAPERS Doing Women’s Film and Television History The Second International Conference of the Women’s Film and Television History Network – UK/Ireland 10th – 12th April 2014 The University of East Anglia, UK Conference organisers: Laraine Porter (De Montfort University), Yvonne Tasker (University of East Anglia) and Melanie Williams (University of East Anglia) Building […]

Feminist Future

It would appear from the latest news that this isn’t the best time for feminist optimism for the future.   The Steubenville rape case  and CNN’s depressingly oblivious coverage of the case might lead us to wonder if we really have made any progress with regard to basic women’s rights issues. There is little time for despair […]

Auteuse Theory — New Blog on Women’s Cinema

Auteuse Theory is a new blog on women’s cinema that looks pretty interesting.    It takes a global and expansive historical (from silent to contemporary film) frame of reference to questions of women and media (mainly cinema) authorship.    Eylem Atakav and Melanie Williams, UK film and television studies lecturers, are folks behind the blog.  

Ashley Judd on Images of Women in Media

Ashley Judd calls out the misogyny in media when discussing women’s bodies with her op-ed for The Daily Beast. Read it if you haven’t already because it definitely is worth your time — and she uses the f(eminist) word to boot.

Remix for Oscar Season!

Melissa Silverstein and Elisa Kreisinger’s remix for the Oscar season. I guess the more things change…..

The more things change…..

It is interesting that the women’s movement was having a problem with a political party, the more things change the more they remain the same, sometimes we just don’t progress…as much as we think…interesting…

JR’s TED Prize wish: Use art to turn the world inside out | Video on

For International Women’s Day! JR talks about his film WOMEN ARE HEROES as well as gives us much food for thought regarding and social justice.