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Archives of Empowerment

Tucked between an electronics store and an employment agency in LA’s Chinatown is the wonderful, Studio for Southern California History, a community based cultural history museum, which focuses on overlooked histories/stories of the region. I first had the good fortune to visit the museum as part of the Imagining America conference in October 2008, when, […]

Site to Check Out: Institute for Interdisciplinary Art and Creative Intelligence

Here’s a cool new site to check out, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Art and Creative Intelligence that is very much in spirit with our feminism 3.0¬†mission of connecting the creative and critical, or as noted on the site a commitment to engage “the intuitive and the intellectual in simultaneity.” ¬† The Institute’s Director is the […]

Adventures in Praxis

Coming down the homestretch for the semester here at UWM and my Multicultural Amercia class was given the ultimate challenge as they were working on their final projects — an online archive devoted to the child’s advocacy group, Kids Matter Inc. . Using the fairly new and usually nifty app, Google Site, somehow the class […]