Feminist Future

It would appear from the latest news that this isn’t the best time for feminist optimism for the future.   The Steubenville rape case  and CNN’s depressingly oblivious coverage of the case might lead us to wonder if we really have made any progress with regard to basic women’s rights issues.

There is little time for despair though given the daily demonstrations of women’s ongoing spirit and strength around the world.  If you have seen the amazing documentary and wonderful website for Half the Sky you know that women are doing some pretty awe inspiring work for social change under unbelievably difficult circumstances.

And then there is Malala Yousafzai’s story.   Malala is the teenage activist, who blogged in support of women’s educational rights in Pakistan.  She survived an attempted assassination in October 2012 and has been in receiving medical care in UK.   Here you can see a brief bit of her interview, where she talks about her “new life” devoted to children’s education.

Today, she returned to school in the UK, and feminism 3.0 wishes her a joyful and peaceful path in her new life. With Malala Yousafzai’s courage, we can keep our optimism for women’s future.

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