Cinecon 45 Hollywood Sept 3-Sept 7

Ida Mae Park wrote in 1920. wrote:
“As for the natural equipment of women for the role of director, the superiority of their emotional and imaginative faculties give them a great advantage. The fact that there are only two women directors of note in the field today leaves an absolutely open field. But unless you are hardy and determined, the director’s role is not for you. Wait until the profession has emerged from its embryonic state and a system has been evolved by which the terrific weight of responsibility can be lifted from one pair of shoulders. When that time comes, I believe that women will find no finer calling.”
Among the twenty-five unusual feature films tentatively scheduled for Cinecon 45 is:
BROADWAY LOVE (1918)In the 1910s Universal was one of the few studios willing to take a chance on women directors. Starring Dorothy Phillips and Lon Chaney, Broadway Love was directed by Ida May Park.

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