Joan Myers Podcast, Upcoming Blog Post, and Future Podcasts!

Just wanted to let everyone know about the interview with Joan Myers in our podcast area of the feminism 3.0 site. I think folks will find Joan’s commentary on the Fatty Arbuckle/Virginia Rappe scandal quite lively. Joan is promising another blog post very soon on her work. We had considerable interest and so much great feedback on her first post that I asked her to share more of her research with us, which she kindly has agreed to do.

We have been getting lots of great mention for the blog and podcast from cool sites like Catherine Grant’s amazing Film Studies for Free and Laura James’s CLEWS Your Home for Historic Crime.

I do have several podcasts planned as I launch a related site around my forthcoming book, Reclaiming the Archive: Feminism and Film History. The book should be out in March 2010 from Wayne State University Press and has essays from leading feminist scholars including Laura Mulvey, Janet Staiger, Patricia White, Annette Kuhn, Sumiko Higashi, Shelley Stamp, Anna Everett, Soyoung Kim, Yvonne Tasker, Genevieve Sellier and many, many others. Several of the authors have already agreed to join in the podcasts discussing their essays and related current work. I will have more info as I get the book site up and running, but you will be able to find a link to the site as well as some other things I am working on via my new landing page,
Till then, check out Joan’s podcast and her post(s).

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