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Well, still looking for that best gadget that allows for twitter feeds.  I didn’t really find something that I thought looked good on the page or worked the way that I wanted so am going to let that go for now and catch up my blog posts, but will be on the lookout.   I am a major fan of twitter — I know there are skeptics out there, but I learn so much every day from the crew whose tweets I follow.     

It was perfect then when my friend and colleague in transmedia explorations, Lina Srivastava, put me in contact via twitter with Duke media scholar, Negar Mottahedeh.   Negar is doing some interesting work on questions of national cinema and gender (see her book on Iranian cinema, Displaced Allegories),  as well as some really cool work in social media.   Her blog, The Negarponti files, is one I suggest you check out.   On the site there is a brief interview with Negar on Iranian film; some experimentation using twitter feeds and the text to animated movie software xtranormal (really fun); and a write up on her intro film class that ran the much discussed twitter film festival.    I was a major fan of the festival since the circulation of the Chronicle of Higher Ed article produced a lively, if far too brief, discussion on the use of social networking tools in my home department of Film at UW-Milwaukee.    I feel sure we will be revisiting these questions soon particularly given ongoing convergence of networking tools and media formats.
Back to my research on best twitter gadget for Blogger — send me your suggestions on this!

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