We still wear “Lingerie” or did you Burn your Bra?

It was 100 years ago and still can’t get him to do the dishes! Nor do my laundry so perhaps, I should just do away with my ‘Lingerie” Is this something that the University of Wisconsin has continued to teach?

It cannot be seen and it enslaves washerwomen.

Miss A. L. Mariett of the University of Wisconsin,

Scores Fancy Underclothing – “Women are Copy Cats”

La Crosse, Wis., February 8, (1910) – Miss A. L. Marlette, of the home economics department of the University of Wisconsin, wrote “30” on ruffled lingerie before a large class of girls at the La Cosse County College of Agriculture because, she said none saw it and it merely was the means of enslaving the women who had it to wash. Besides, it is unsanitary, she said, and a set of two garments, under and outer is preferable in the woman’s wardrobe. “The time is coming according to Miss Mariett, when women will wear loose clothes and gym suits about their work.

Most women are “copy cats,” according to Miss Mariett. They see another of the fair sex with her hair “done” attractively and they rush home and try to duplicate it, regardless of its adaptability to their style. Women should dress with regard to accentuating their beauty she declared, which can be done by considering the lips, eyes and hair. Illustrating she said a blue eyed girl might give the appearance to her eyes of the blue that the poets rave about by dressing in a pale shade of blue, while rosy checks and lips may be accentuated by similar methods of taste.

False hair is the greatest spreader of disease with which women have to contend, she says, and related personal knowledge of two cases of leprosy contracted by college girls from “switches” cut from the heads of lepers by unscrupulous foreign hair merchants.

For that matter, women would be better off, she said without false hair, or even hats, for when the time comes as she says it will, for people to go bareheaded, there will be no more need for hair tonics and headaches will have disappeared.

The average woman has a putty shape – at least, said Miss Mariett, it is possible to change it to conform with any fashion.

She took a ran at the husbands when she declared women should train them to do most of the housework. This can be done by any clever woman, she said and she can therefore escape the drudgery of housework labor. The men, she said are in the habit of sneering at housework and the time will come, if her prediction be true, when the husband will be the household drudge.

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