Update on MULTICULTURAL AMERICA class multimedia site!

Hi everyone, when last we left our ongoing adventures in technology and education, my Multicultural America‘s final class project, a multimedia “archive” for our community partner, Kids Matter, Inc. had just emerged from Google limbo.     I wanted to update folks on how things were going.   

We might have a few more tweaks and additions, but we finally went “live” with the site yesterday and you can check out here.
I am really proud of my class and all we worked through this term, both as scholars and as media makers.    Most of us knew very little about foster care when we started the semester, but we definitely increased our awareness and knowledge on that front — truly an eye opening and life changing event for many of us.    The work of Kids Matter, Inc as advocates for children’s rights was inspiring and indeed humbling.
On the technical front, we gave the new(ish) Google Sites a spin.   It promises to be an easier space for these sorts of collaborative projects than Blogger, which is designed more for single and chronological posting (you can set up to do more than that, obviously, but certainly not “out of the box”).    That said, not sure if I am going to use Google Sites again this term as it still seems rather “in process” and the collaborative aspect does lend itself to potential formatting meltdowns if not everyone is working at same skill level.   The temporary shutdown of the website for a couple of days right before the final project was due also did not endear me to this new software.   Ultimately though, everything worked and looks good, so I am still thinking this over as we gear up for another round of Multicultural America and our next “archival” project this semester. 
Hope you get a chance to take a look at the site!

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