Foto.Synthesis — Social Justice Film Showcase!

Hey all — From our friends at University of Arizona we have news of Foto-Synthesis, a student run film showcase dedicated to issues of social justice. The festival is open to undergrad, grad, community college students. The deadline is February 16, 2009.

Here are some details:

• Topic must focus around an issue of
social justice, for instance how things
like race, ethnicity, gender identity,
ability, class, religion, sexual
orientation, nationality, etc. relate to
health, law, policy, economics, art, and
other social institutions and themes
• Submission open to undergraduate
and graduate students at four year
universities or 2 year community
colleges, from all departments and
areas of study
• Film must be submitted in DVD format:
DVD clearly marked with title, name of
filmmaker, running time, which will be
kept in a permanent file
• Documentary, experimental, narrative,
animation, live action features and
shorts accepted
• Please include the informational sheet,
filled out in full, with your submission:
Download the sheet at our website,
• Submissions must be postmarked by
February 16, 2009.

Submissions must be mailed to:
Katelyn Sadler, Room 232
1000 N. Park Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719

To learn more, email [email protected]
or visit the website at

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