Feminism 3.0

Welcome to our feminism 3.0 blog devoted specifically to theory/practice experimentation: this area is still very much under construction, but we hope will provide a lively place for information and connections.  Feminist educators and activists have long advocated collaboration, networking, and new forms of critical and creative expression as central components their practice.  How do new media tools enhance or indeed transform these feminist objectives?  In an era when the definitions and the goals of feminism are matters of considerable contention, how might digital technology and networked media create a space where we might move past paradoxes and problems and engage with what feminist scholar Elizabeth Grosz calls “thinking the new.”   This feminism 3.0 blog is designed as space of dialogue amongst artists and scholars committed to theory/practice interventions.

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  1. Thanks for setting this up, Vicki. I am amused by the image since my Second Life avatar (Vee Kuhn–am one of the few to get my own name) has both a beard and breasts. Real androgynous type! I look forward to meeting you, Helen.

  2. Thanks for starting this exchange, DJ Zoe Trop. Happy to join in the blog. Perhaps the upcoming Console-ing Passions conference–and our assessment of the conversations, presentations, and discussions there will lead to some interesting debates here!


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