Multicultural Milwaukee, Multimedia Explorations, Fall 2010

Just a very brief update on an action packed fall semester of student praxis work in new media that spanned everything from multiculturalism to film noir to the war in Afghanistan. First up I wanted to link to work from UW-Milwaukee where my students worked on a Multicultural Milwaukee class site.

My UWM film noir students also were amazing, working on script treatments, storyboards, and even short videos that critically reworked and examined the genre. I hope to post some images from those projects once the end of term dust settles.

I also was fortunate to be involved with USC’s Institute of Multimedia Literacy as visiting faculty this semester where we worked on remixes of Robert Greenwald’s recent documentary Rethink Afghanistan as a part of a pioneer collaborative venture initiated by Mr. Greenwald Brave New Educators. I will be posting some student work from that project soon, but just wanted to make note of the link to the UWM site, which also includes a link to Prof. Shelleen Greene’s related course on Multicultural America as well as past ventures in our collaboration with the Cultures and Communities program.

Best wishes for Happy New Year to all, stay tuned for more postings soon!

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