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Hi everyone — Vicki Callahan signing on this Saturday morning. I have been a bit MIA here as I have been working on other parts of the fem 3.0 website: the live blog, a podcast with the artist Cecelia Condit (check it out, a really wonderful insight into her artistic process). I will be posting in next couple of weeks about conferences I will be attending: IMAGINING AMERICA (in LA, Oct 2-4); FLOW (Austin, Oct 9-11) and THE CONVERSATION: THE FUTURE OF CINEMA, GAMES, AND ONLINE VIDEO. I have some links on the page so check these events out. I am excited to have the opportunity to hear all the ideas out there on new media tools and the transformation it is producing.

I had a productive summer with lots of travel and of particular interest was a trip to the BADLANDS and Lakota country. Off the beaten path housed in small trailer was the Lakota Visitor’s Center to the Badlands National Park. I had the good fortune to enter into the park from this direction due to a hotel worker’s information that this was the best way into the park rather than the “main entrance.” The area was minus the tourist cabins and gift shop we see at the “official” site and not far from Wounded Knee. To get to the Lakota center you travel down “Bombing Run Road,” which is land the US government took from the community for practice bombing runs in WWII. There are still warnings to leave any potential unexploded projectiles alone.

On a much more inspiring note, within the Lakota Visitor Center was a wonderful media archive of the history of the region. Photographs and text told of the community’s resilient efforts to maintain their culture and their language over the years despite external interference. The Lakota Center is great tribute to the community’s spirit and a wonderful example of an explicit counter history of the region (the “official” center focuses on geology and other scientific/technological domains, with little on the people in the area).

One last image from this stunning landscape.

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